Friday, January 7, 2011

Sensory Depravation/ Synesthesia Suit 1

Sensory Depravation/ Synesthesia Suit 1

When wearing this suit, the subject experiences complete blindness as well as a significant muffling of the sense of touch. Speakers within the hood allow the subject to hear the sounds produced by contact microphones at the end of the tentacle-like arm extensions. Right and left sides are differentiated only by pitch.
This work is intended to allow the user/subject to experience a type of forced synesthesia. It also requires that the subject experiences space through senses that are not primarily used as indicators of such.

The results from different subject's test runs will be recorded and analyzed for further evolutions of the suit.


  1. I'm greatly impressed by this. I have to say, this penetrates my ideas of what art can be. Not only is the experience inside the suit something remarkable, but the relationship between viewer and wearer is also intensely interesting and complex. Its difficult to put into words, but presenting a performer who's attention is not only not on the audience but completely absorbed in the abstract... i'm blown away. Great work